"Don't count the days, make the days count"
-Muhammad Ali


Garrett Learning is partnering with you and your organisation to enable the team to reach their full potential, one step at a time.

We create exceptional learning experiences that encourage the importance of individuality, listening, curiosity and being there for others.

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Hey! I’m Wendy Garrett and you’ll find me standing in front of a classroom or behind my laptop via zoom to deliver some great and meaningful training!

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By developing the skills of your people, your organisation will reap the benefits as your people will feel:

  • Valued
  • Invested in
  • Motivated
  • Increased job satisfaction

Your organisation may experience:

  • Improved productivity
  • A motivated and happier team
  • Increased efficiencies in processes
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Financial gain 

Employers have a Duty of Care to employees. This means being responsible for your people’s health, safety and well-being.

Garrett Learning will be able to assist you with providing appropriate training and support for your business.



To discuss your organisational requirements and to create a friendly and straightforward learning experience, which is free from jargon. We want your team to feel at ease when they’re learning and the language we use isn’t intimidating or too complex. We want the team to feel comfortable and maybe even have a bit of fun during the session.