Gratitude – the art of being thankful – June 2021

I am so grateful for so much in life. As a true believer in ‘things happen for a reason’, (even the bad stuff), I learn from each experience. Each situation shapes the next chapter in the book of Wendy.

Here are my three reasons why I am grateful.

  1. Dial-up internet! 

When studying at college/university I didn’t have social media as a distraction!

In our shared house, only one person could access the internet via a lead trailing into our bedrooms! We had dial-up, AOL and MSN Messenger. There was no endless searching and scrolling or getting lost in a rabbit hole.

I had that internet lead for approx sixty minutes before needing to pass it on to my next housemate.

I’m grateful as this taught me to be extremely organised, logical, manage my time well and take a break from the internet!

  1. Influential people. 

I am eternally grateful for those people who have influenced my life by:

  • Not stopping me in my tracks
  • Inspiring & sharing their encouraging nature
  • Opening my eyes to a bigger world
  • Have opposite qualities, values and opinions to mine
  • Being honest and providing truthful feedback

Throughout life, some people have been and gone. Others will continue to inspire me throughout my life.

Where possible I have learned to shake off those with negative energy and surround myself with positive people; it makes me feel great.

  1. I’m grateful for being ME!

I am responsible for how my book ends! No-one else.

I am accountable for all my decisions. If things need to change I need to take control to make it happen. I have the final say. Yes, I can consult those influential people, however the buck stops with me.

I am ultimately responsible for my own happiness, success and what I achieve in life. If the journey in life takes a different direction, I’m the one in the driving seat. Me and only me.

How about you?

What are you grateful for and why?


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