Christmas, connection and celebration! – November 2023

Christmas, connection and celebration!


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Inside this month’s issue: 

  • Awards night
  • Christmas stress-busting tips
  • The power of connecting with others


What’s been happening?


On Saturday evening I went to a ‘works’ Christmas party! All thanks to the super supportive local networking group, Women Who, Worcestershire run by Lisa Lloyd and Carrie Pawley. 

Along with the turkey dinner and dancing, it was the annual awards night, and incredibly passionate women in business surrounded me. I was selected as a finalist for the ‘Women Who Inspire’ award, and although I didn’t win, this is what the nominee wrote about me: 

‘Wendy is wow! She’s a bundle of energetic power who has a real can-do attitude. She’s not afraid to share her story and her own struggles and she’s definitely not afraid to support others in a similar or completely different space. She’s flippin awesome’

When I read this, I felt like a winner! 

It can be difficult to be your own cheerleader in this self-employed space, however, I’ve found this network and it’s amazing to be a part of a wider supportive and encouraging environment. 


If you’re local to Worcestershire, find out about your local group here:  

What’s coming up?

It’s nearly December, I can mention Christmas surely! 

It can be a frantic time of year, perhaps giving ourselves a hard time if we haven’t achieved all the 2023 goals, getting ready for Christmas, having an Instagrammable worthy looking home and getting all the presents wrapped!

Yes – that’s usually me! However, unusually for me, I haven’t given it much thought this year. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself for a perfect Christmas and a special day. In reality, I would become extremely stressed and when something went wrong it would have really bothered me for the rest of the day! Wendy, why! 

Over the last few years my relationship with Christmas has changed. It’s magical and I absolutely love the lead-up, however I try to adopt a stress-free approach (if my husband, friends or parents read this, they will disagree and say I’m still super stressy!) 


We need to create some space in the run-up to Christmas. Here are three suggestions to help create what we might need:


  • Enjoy the cool air against our skin! 

  Get out and get some fresh air, just for 5 minutes, stand, sit or take a 5-minute 

  walk, during this time, take some deep breaths and feel the crispness of the air. 

   Try it and thank yourself after!


  • Plan ahead.
  • What do you need to buy, make, create, do, visit, shop, prepare? 
  • Make a list. 
  • Ask yourself, do you really need to do everything on this list?
  • If it’s a yes, how and when will you do it? Can you cross some stuff off or ask someone else to do it?
  • Plan your activities over the four weeks leading up to Christmas. It will become more manageable than trying to cram it all in during the Christmas week/eve! 
  • Remember to add in some space to relax and rest too! If you don’t look after yourself, it will be even harder to get it all done.  


  • You can say no!
  • You read that correctly! If you’re not up for going out for that drink, meal, social event, that’s ok.
  • You can politely decline the invite. Thank the person for the invite, you can say it’s really kind of them to think of you during this festive period, however, I’m sorry, I’m not able to fit this in or I’m honoured you asked me, but I simply can’t.

Enjoy your Christmas, your way! 

What’s new?

Wendy is wearing a few new hats! 

Connection with others is so inspiring. I love being around people and enjoying the magic that is created!

Deloitte reports: “Connection empowers innovation and creativity and a deeper connection with ourselves”. Read more here

I’ve felt lonely in business for a while, coming from a large corporate environment to sitting in a room on my own isn’t great for me. I made some positive changes to be the best creative version of myself!

Here’s how I can help you connect with others: 

As well as my course facilitation, do you know that Garrett Learning runs Monday Club

These sessions are for anyone, anywhere, from the employed to the self-employed and everyone in between. You’ll have a chance to reflect on your previous month, identify what is important to you for the future month and monitor your growth. 

I started Monday Club because I’m passionate about growth, development and empowering others. We will be sharing tips, there is a chance to network and time to ask for help in the ‘I’m in a pickle’ section.

This session will give you the space for creativity and growth in your business, life or career goals. Invest 45 minutes in yourself, just once a month to catch your breath to see how amazing you really are!

Are you in? It’s free to attend, test this out in December and January. Click here to be involved!


The Work Retreat dates are now finalised for 2024!


I had an idea – brainstormed it –  spoke to anyone who would listen – ran the focus groups – lots of preparation – packed the car up-  run the trial!

And it was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed myself too! 

Thank you Amy from Naturally Grown Health for your feedback:  

Why should you go on a retreat?

  • We need to take time away from our business to focus on where we want to go next
  • Do you actually take a break?! You’re spinning many plates, we all know what happens when we stop focusing, 
  • You’ll actually get stuff done!
  • Are you lonely in business? I know I am. Meet and connect with others. Want an opinion on something, guidance, focused chat on your ‘niggle’. We are all in for that!
  • If we don’t look after ourselves, how can we look after others? Whatever our reasons for being in business, we must look after our well-being to help us achieve our passion and purpose.
  • Start 2024 in the best possible way!
  • You deserve it! Gift it to yourself or treat someone!

Join us at:


> Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th January 2024. Studley Castle, Warner Leisure Hotel. (Limited to 10 places)


> Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th June 2024. Stanton House Hotel, Cotswolds. (Limited to 10 places)


> Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd November 2024. The Cottage at Temple Guiting, Cotswolds. (Limited to 6 places)


Take advantage of the early bird offer – Unsure what to buy someone for Christmas this year, gift them The Work Retreat. Find out more at 

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