Training trends of 2023 and celebrating the wins! – December 2023

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What’s been happening?


The Learning trends of the year: 


1) Mental Health First Aid


The focus is still very much on Mental Health First Aid. We are noticing our employees are opening up and being honest, stating their mental health is the reason they need to take a break from work instead of saying, for example, it’s a bad back. 

Investing in mental health training for all members of the organisation is a great initiative. By offering support and guidance to anyone in your organisation, you are creating a safe environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking help for their mental health.

It is unfortunate that stigma still exists when it comes to discussing mental health in the workplace. It is important to work towards breaking down these barriers and creating a culture where employees feel empowered to share their experiences without fear of negative consequences, for example, fear of losing their job or not getting that promotion.

Offering mental health training demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of your employees and can contribute to a positive and inclusive work environment. It may also encourage individuals to be more open about their mental health, leading to improved overall mental well-being within the organisation. 

This year, Garrett Learning has trained 249 people in MHFA England Mental Health programmes in 2023. The cumulative total trained from July 2020 now stands at an incredible 721 individuals who have completed their training. The learners feel empowered and confident to have a conversation, use acceptable language and can provide support.

There is a fantastic app – Hub of Hope , you’ll find support in your local area should you, your colleagues, friends or family need it. 

Along with training, we can normalise mental health in the workplace. Employee Benefits recommend these approaches: 

  1. Start with a mental health statement
  2. Ongoing training and education
  3. Promote self-care initiatives
  4. Use correct language
  5. Open communication and surveys
  6. Normalise seeking help

Find out more here.

Want to know more about the mental health programmes we deliver, MHFA England and bespoke courses, check out our website. 


2) Leadership and Management development 

We’ve seen an increase in organisations investing in Leadership development. Traditionally (in Wendy’s employed days) leadership and management programmes were run in a cohort with pre-determined content. In 2023, Garrett Learning has been working with individuals on a theory and mentoring basis. 

Each learner has individual needs in their career journey. The sessions are shaped by the conversations that take place which makes it a tailor-made and unique learning experience for every learner. 

A recent cohort of Leadership and Management learners attended group sessions underpinned with 1:1 mentoring. This feedback was shared with us: 

“Thank you for working with them – they’re definitely listening to you and we are seeing some changes in attitude.  It’s a totally new concept for them both so I’m impressed at their willingness to listen and take action”

Sometimes it takes someone external to offer confidential support and guidance to help them lead the way. 

Please click here for more information on the Leadership and Management Chapters and support we offer. Need something more bespoke, book a call with Wendy Garrett to discuss your needs. 

What’s coming up?

We’re so excited about the opportunities that will present itself in 2024! 

If you’re self-employed, a solopreneur, or have been in business for a couple of years, we have something special planned for you! 

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What’s new?


As 2023 comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on the ‘done’ list rather than the ‘to-do’ list! If you take a moment to look back, you’ve achieved so much. We are focusing on the wins, the Garrett Learning/Wendy Garrett top five moments of 2023 are: 


  1. My website! Thank you to  Eighty 3 Design  for their outstanding professionalism and for making the Garrett Learning website sing and dance! I love it! 


  • I’ve committed to writing a newsletter each month. I haven’t lapsed! Do you read it? What do you want to see featured in 2024? 


  • I trialled The Work Retreat and it was a massive success! This is underpinned by Monday Club. Join us online, the first Monday of each month at 4pm to reflect and refocus on what is important!


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  1. Post-COVID, connection with others and removing the feeling of loneliness has been extremely important to me. I looked for a local co-working space and couldn’t find anywhere suitable. Wendy being Wendy, if it doesn’t exist, make it happen! Partnering with Bistrot Pierre in Kidderminster, we now run co-working Monday. We are welcoming new people, employed and self-employed each week. If you’re local, come and join us! We love it!


  1. Garrett Learning are proud to give back to our community by offering continued support to Men Walking and Talking . We train their volunteer Walk Leaders to become Mental Health First Aiders so they can proactively support others as well as themselves.


  1. This has been the best financial year for Garrett Learning, reporting a 20% growth. Thank you to all our new and returning loyal customers. I appreciate you. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.  

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