Half way through the year – It’s June!

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Inside this month’s issue: 

  • What I learned from a night watching Foo Fighters! 
  • A new service for the Workplace Well-being Heroes out there! 
  • Mental Health Awareness dates for your diary


What’s been happening?


I went to see the Foo Fighters last night with my mate Rich. 

They’ve been on my list to see for a few years now. We only bought our tickets the night before. It was an incredible performance. Such talented musicians! 


The lyrics to ‘These Days’ made me stop and reflect:


One of these days, the clocks will stop, and time won’t mean a thing. One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat’. 


I spend so much time being ‘too’ busy and I’m not always present in the moment as I’m thinking about the next event on the calendar. 


I’m trying to be more present in the moment by adapting how I live my life: 


1)Making time for your ‘non-negotiables’. There are some tasks/activities that are important to you and we should protect our time for them. 

It might be spending time on your own, with other key people in your life, moving your body. Here’s some further reading about non-negotiables.


2) Knowing that I can say no to an event if it’s something I don’t partially want to do. I ask myself why I’m saying yes. Ask: am I saying yes to please others or for myself? Take a moment. 

If you want to say no to an invitation, politely thank the person for the invite and say you are unable to attend on this occasion. 


3) A couple of weeks ago some friends asked about meeting up soon. I checked the diary for my free weekends. Bearing in mind we are in June, my next free weekend is in August, and I only have four free weekends before the end of the year! Yes, if you need to re-read that, only four weekends without plans over the next six months!

I have too much on! 

What happens next – I will be going through the diary and checking what I have said ‘yes’ to and re-evaluating if it’s something that I actually want to do. I plan to remove some events from the diary. The weekdays are busy with work and I know I need time at the weekend, to rest and enjoy sitting peacefully in my garden without the demands of watching the clock and needing to be somewhere. 

If I make time for myself and become less busy, I can be more present in the activities and time spent with others as I’m not rushing to the next task.

Well, that’s the plan! I will let you know how that goes!



I was invited to be a speaker at the first Early Years Conference in Birmingham. We spoke about well-being in the workplace and it was great to be surrounded by extremely passionate people within their industry.

There are so many challenges in the Early Years Sector, from the difficulty in recruiting and retaining the team to the increasing demands placed on the industry, funding and the children that come into their care. 

Focusing on team well-being is essential, for the team and the leaders. It was great to be on the discussion panel too. Together we will make a difference. 


What’s new?

I’ve been invited to partner with a housing association, Community Housing in Kidderminster to work with their leadership team. They initially booked four half-day sessions on ‘Mental Health and Well-being Support for Leaders’. The uptake, feedback and demand has been incredible! Three more dates have been booked. 


The feedback received demonstrates how they will be applying their learning in their role: 


Want to talk to me about bespoke training, please send me an email on wendy@garrettlearning.co.uk to discuss your requirements. 

Want to book onto an open MHFA England programme? All upcoming open course dates can be found here: https://mhfaengland.org/public-profile/?id=53e0d92a-9711-e811-8127-e0071b664191 

If you want a private cohort on a date to suit you, we can arrange this too. Please get in touch. 


What else is new? 

We ran our first Workplace Well-being Hero meet-up. This is what Christelle had to say on the session: 


An enjoyable learning experience where Wendy set the tone and direction we’ll take this year. As more people join the session, the learning experience will be enhanced through sharings and conversations, leading to more ideas. Wendy was great at building rapport at the beginning of the meeting, and she was able to convey her message clearly. The slides are good supporting materials. So far so good’.  


If you are:

– Promoting mental health in the workplace

– A Mental Health First Aider

– A Well-being Ambassador

We welcome you to become a Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Hero!

You can join for £20 per month per person (forever!) Find out more by visiting: www.garrettlearning.co.uk/services/workplace-well-being-hero/

What do you get for your money?

– Each month you can attend/watch the recording of an educational workshop.

– Attend quarterly workshops, invite your colleagues to help spread the message and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing. You are a hero after all!

– You’ll connect with other like-minded people to exchange best practices, share ideas and support each other. Ideal if you’re the only mental health-trained person in your organisation.  

– Each session will host a Q&A section so you can bring your questions and queries. 



I’m in – sign me up! 


What’s coming up?


The Work Retreat with Garrett Learning isn’t all work and no play! (If you’ve met me in person, you know this is true!)

The Work Retreat is about:

– Escaping the every day to focus on you and your well-being

– Enjoying a change of scenery allows to be more creative in our business

– The space gives our mind a chance to rest and think

– When we do nice things for ourselves it makes us feel good

– We meet with new people that spark conversations and ideas

– We deserve the rest!

Could you imagine spending two nights in a luxury hotel room like this? All within a castle? Come and join us on 29th -31st January and set your intention for the year.

Secure your place with a £100 deposit today. Find out more here: www.garrettlearning.co.uk/work-retreat


What is happening in July?


Prepare for the month ahead with the upcoming mental health awareness dates. Please find some useful links to offer further information. 


Want some help?


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