We’re pleased to announce that we have dates, speakers and monthly themes ready to go for the #WorkplaceWellbeingHero membership.

We are going to be joined by some extremely inspirational and knowledgeable speakers at these monthly events that take place on the second Monday of each month from 2-3pm. If you can’t make them, you don’t miss out, they will be recorded and sent to you.


July 8th – You’ll hear from myself, Wendy Garrett from Garrett Learning as we set the scene and start making some progress on staff awareness and leading the team.

August 12th Sally Day from Saltoria Marketing will talk to us about engaging the team on the topic of mental health. Sally also runs a monthly book club.

September 9th Stephanie Jane Hemsted-Williams the Home Alignment Specialist will share her tips on how to improve the space where we work, at home and in the company office.

October 14th Kate Bennett The-HR-Hero will talk about HR and well-being and why it’s important to support your team and the consequences of not doing so.

November 11th Guy Robin will share his story about working for the police and what life is like now that he’s retired and writing books.

December 9th Jo Gaffney the Styling Life Occupational Therapist will help empower confidence through what we wear and how we feel.

January 13th Rachel Nicholls will encourage us think about fitness approaches in the workplace and the benefits of adapting them. News years resolutions are not just for January, however it’s a great time for new healthy habits to start.

February 10th Louise Dillon from Armadillo Life will aid you in having conversations about grief in the workplace. Helping businesses increase productivity and retention and building a great place to work.

I’m sure you’ll agree that an incredible line up! All this for a limited time only at £20 per month, forever!

For more info or to sign up, please follow this link: https://www.garrettlearning.co.uk/services/