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It can feel overwhelming to be on a constant hamster wheel, juggling work, new ideas, projects, and life in general. It’s important to find ways to break out of this cycle, re-energise yourself and reduce burnout! We recommend attending The Work Retreat hosted by Garrett Learning. We will be running themed retreats throughout the year.

Upcoming Retreats:

Who, What, Where and Why?

The Work Retreat is for the self-employed and the employed – Everyone is welcome!

Do you have lots of stuff to do and no time to focus on it?

Work ON your business instead of IN it!

Connect with others to mix and mingle!

Time to rest, reflect and forward plan

Change of scenery to be inspired and boost productivity

Workshops to focus and collaborate

‘Hot seat’ session

Accommodation & catering options

No cooking, washing up or laundry to do!

Claim The Work Retreat as a business expense

Monthly Payment Plans Available

If the smiling faces don’t give it away, this is what they said about The Work Retreat with Garrett Learning:

Upcoming retreats

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Lynne “What an amazing few days. The venue was fantastic, the workshops were great for helping me to think things through and I have finally had the time and headspace to formulate a proper plan to take my business forward next year. I would thoroughly recommend Wendy’s work retreats!”

Sarah “Who knew that a simple change such as a Cotswolds cottage, good company and new conversations could spark joy, creativity and passion in the everyday!! Good things happen when people connect”

Jess “What a wonderful few days! I’ve really appreciated taking time out for me and refocus, switch off and get some much-needed headspace”

Jackie “Fun, fresh air, friends, freedom from stress. Wow Wonderful Wendy! Being happy doesn’t mean being perfect”

Tracey “Thank you so much! Feeling refocused, refreshed, rejuvenated & very much rewarded. It’s been very thought-provoking and time very well spent. Here’s to 2024!”

Amy “A fab experience, amazing host, delicious food, time to think, company, I got my work done. Thank you Wendy”

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