Mental Health First Aid Refresher

MHFA Refresher

This half-day, 4-hour programme is designed to refresh your mental health knowledge within three years of completing the Mental Health First Aider programme.


If you are a Mental Health First Aider or MHFA Champion you have skills for life that support you and the people around you. 

We believe that mental health should be treated equally to physical health – and just like physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid training should be kept up to date. 


Workshop objectives

The four hour MHFA Refresher course will empower you to: 

  • Keep your awareness of mental health supports current
  • Update your knowledge of mental health and what influences it 
  • Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan

Who should attend?

Please note that the MHFA Refresher is only for people who have completed the Mental Health First Aider programme within the last three years. 

Course format

  • This one-day course is delivered either in person or via online video conferencing
  • Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities
  • We limit numbers to 25 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn


Workshop outline, 4-hour session:

  • Mental health, stress and factors that influence mental health
  • Mental Health Continuum and Stigma
  • Frame of Reference and non-judgement
  • Reintroducing ALGEE
  • Warning signs of mental ill health
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Suicide and first aid for suicidal crisis
  • Psychosis and first aid for severe psychotic episodes
  • Practising our MHFA skills
  • Self-care, wellbeing and recovery


Special features

Everyone who completes the course gets:

  • A certificate of attendance to say you have Refreshed your mental health knowledge
  • Three years access the Mental Health Support App
  • A manual to refer to whenever you need it
  • A workbook including a helpful toolkit to support your own mental health

Cost: £150 per person – this includes course registration, course materials and electronic certificate. 

Any questions? Please give us a call on 07859 878 599 or email – we’re here to help!