Mental Health Guidance for Leaders

Empower your organisational leaders with this bespoke course that will provide a space for thought to generate new ideas to support the health and wellbeing of
the team.
This three-hour workshop covers the following:

  • An insights into common mental health conditions: anxiety and depression
  • Recognising workplace stress
  • Understanding the impact of poor mental health for the organisation & employees
  • Techniques & tools to help your managers understand their boundaries and how to start the conversation
  • Tips to look after their own wellbeing and mental health
  • Help to create a culture of well-being and remove workplace stigma about mental health
  • Know how and when to signpost employees to gain further support

Cost per workshop: £850 for online or in-person delivery (if the session is delivered in-person, expenses will be invoiced for). Maximum 12 delegates.
Please contact / 07859 878 599 to discuss delivery dates and for further information.