Spring into Action. February 2024.

The Garrett Learning newsletter. A mental health and wellbeing update to find out what has been happening, what’s coming up and what’s new!

Spring into Action!

Inside this month’s issue: 

  • Awareness dates for your diary
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week
  • Want a speaker for Mental Health Awareness week? I’m your well-being Wendy!

What’s been happening?


February has been a great month. I found myself back in the classroom to deliver Mental Health First Aiders for the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) provider, Collegiate UK.

After two days of learning, I asked for a ‘one word take-away’ from the programme: 


– Boundaries

– Informative

– Confidence

– Eye-opening

– Journey

– Reassurance

– Persistence

– Grounding

– Doing the right thing

– Not everything is as it seems

– Self-care 


In my opinion, there is no substitute for classroom delivery. You know that I love delivery by Zoom, it has a place in our working lives, however in-person delivery allows chats over coffee and extended conversations to take place in the classroom. It just doesn’t convert in the same way through our digital platforms. I’m pleased that I will be out in person much more over the coming months. 

Upcoming open course dates can be found here: https://mhfaengland.org/public-profile/?id=53e0d92a-9711-e811-8127-e0071b664191 


This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

If you’re worried about someone who might have an eating disorder, a supportive and non-judgemental conversation must take place. Early intervention is key.

Remember it’s ok to feel nervous about talking about sensitive subjects. Eating disorders aren’t necessarily about food or weight and we shouldn’t focus on this, try not to comment positively or negatively on their appearance or weight as this isn’t helpful. 

We should try and support the individual with any stress-related or distressing situations they are facing. Please remember we shouldn’t force the person to talk if they don’t want to and avoid having the conversation around meal times as anxiety levels may be increased.

For futher information and guidance, please take a look at these links: 





What’s coming up?


Let’s spring into action with these upcoming mental health awareness dates, please find some useful links to offer further information. 



Mental Health Awareness Week – Monday 13th to Sunday 19th May – Book me as your speaker.  Arrange a call to discuss your ideas: Zoom Scheduler 

Come and join us at Monday Club to focus on your professional and personal development!


What’s new?


I took a little break to Portsmouth and it was great to be out of my normal everyday routine. I love a change. 

I used this time as a mini work retreat. I focused on how I wanted to grow Garrett Learning. To help myself with this task, I took part in Lynne Thomas’s Social Media Challenge and learned so much about myself and the business. Lynne is the owner of The Business Club https://thebusinessbuilderonline.com/?aff=Wendy+Garrett Check it out! I’m growing and developing and I’m surrounded by incredible networks that help me do just that! 


How often do you take time for yourself? Whether we are employed, self-employed or considering a change, we need to give ourselves space and permission to do this! 

I have created that space for you. If you also want growth, development or a break to think clearly, join us at The Work Retreat. 

Imagine taking a break from today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Take some time to enjoy nature and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and burning out. Use a retreat to recharge and reconnect with your business, passion and decide on where to progress and develop. There are many benefits to taking time away from your daily routine and getting creative in a new environment.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other business owners, learn from the workshop sessions and each other and return refreshed with a new perspective.

Find out more here: www.garrettlearning.co.uk/work-retreat

Trust the process of The Work Retreat. Join us for a mid-year review on Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th June 2024. Stanton House Hotel, Cotswolds. (Limited to 8 places)


Or start the year in full luxury and get motivated from Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st January 2025. Studley Castle, Warwickshire.  (Limited to 8 places)


Find out more here: www.garrettlearning.co.uk/work-retreat


Enjoy your bonus day today and have a fantasitic March!

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