The Garrett Learning newsletter. A moment to reflect – June 2023


A moment to reflect.




And just like that we are halfway through the year!

It’s been a busy one for Wendy at Garrett Learning. Firstly, Garrett Learning has turned 3!




What a learning journey that has been in itself. 

You may not know the story of how Garrett Learning was born, wonder no more….!

Rewind to May 2020 and I was made redundant. I brought a bicycle and planned to enjoy the summer exploring the Wyre Forest. Well, until I fell off it and caused myself an injury. I was bed/sofa bound and couldn’t drive. I was bored at home with nothing to occupy my time, when an email from MHFA England popped up saying we can now deliver the courses online. A company approached Jessica Shields Coaching and I to jointly deliver a Mental Health Programme. It has been three years since we both said yes! 

Today we celebrated! I owe so much to Jess. 

The last three years have been full of growth and development – Trying to wear all sorts of hats – doing my job as a course facilitator, along with being a marketing guru, IT wiz (I’ve lost too many hours trying to get my printer to print in colour!), been a website developer, found an awesome accountability buddy and I’ve finally found a group of like-minded people so I no longer feel lonely. 

I can now say I’m happy! It’s taken some time and I’ve learned lessons along the way. 

  • First lesson: If you can, pay people to do the stuff you can’t do. By the time you have figured it out, you could have paid someone and used your own time more efficiently.
  • Second: Remember to reflect on the things you HAVE completed and not the things you haven’t done. 
  • Third: Find your trusted sounding board of people. You’ll need them, for so many different reasons! 
  • Forth: You no longer need to work ‘9-5’… don’t feel guilty about taking a longer lunch break or starting work a little later or finishing early. Take the reward. We work hard & you make the rules!
  • Fifth: You might find yourself in situations and might not know the answer. You’ll figure it out! (*insert trusted sounding board here!)

I’ve loved my journey and everyone I have met along the way. Thank you!


What else is new? 



I needed to ‘stretch’ so I started a Podcast! Welcome to ‘Pause for Positivity’. 

The idea is that in just five short minutes you’ll hear some inspirational and positive messaging that may just influence you in some way. 

We’re six episodes in  – Enjoy!


Take a listen to the most recent episodes here: 

And if you’d like to be a guest, Book a call as Wendy loves to chat to anyone who has a positive learning experience to share. 


Get yourself to a TEDx Talk!

To continue the theme of positivity, try surrounding yourself with inspirational speakers for the day. The talks are thought-provoking. Natalie Welch spoke about the ‘labels’ that are given to us, perhaps from our family members, school report or the workplace.

Labels may include: strong, hardworking, chatterbox, doesn’t pay attention, smart, fat, lazy, weak, positive, stupid, dumb, selfish, and childish.

What do these labels mean? We may allow the labels to serve us. For example, growing up, I’ve always been told I have my ‘head screwed on’ and I’m a ‘hard worker’. Upon reflection, I find it hard to switch off, I’m always on the go and never ask for help. I’ve had to unravel these beliefs, they no longer serve me in a positive manner, I’ve let them go.

Follow this link for upcoming events.

And watch previous talks here: 

2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year. Business number two is currently in the planning stages, we look forward to sharing this with you. Watch this space! 



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